We run a youth program every Friday night. More here.
We run a camp once a year. More here.

We help local schools build values and life skills into their students.


We believe everyone can influence someone.


We believe we all grow best in the context of discipleship.


We believe Jesus offers your best life, and we want to help others find this life also.


We exist to see the next generation of young people thrive in life & live a great BIG life - the kind of life that can make a difference on this planet. We are called to build…

Young people EXPECTANT for God to do something, big or small, in the lives of his people EVERY DAY, knowing that through one touch from God lives can be radically changed in an instant.

Young people CHALLENGING THE STATUS QUO, not accepting the bar set by society, living to make a difference and change things for the better.

Young people INFLUENCING CULTURE, passionate about imitating Christ and intentional about leaving every person they've met knowing something about them was inherently different.

Young people FULL OF GRACE, seeing people for who they are not the decisions they make, being INCLUSIVE of every person regardless of their track record.

Young people who are CHRIST CONCIOUS, not looking to find answers in themselves but seeking Jesus for help and direction, ready to navigate life inspired by the question WWJD?

Young people DEPENDANT ON JESUS to guide and direct them, not trying to do life in their own strength but seeking Him for creative & practical solutions to everyday issues.

Young people who BRING PEACE to every situation, secure in God’s plan for their lives, speaking only gentle words and keeping GODLY PERSPECTIVE in every decision.

Young people who practice IRRATIONAL GENEROSITY, being open with their lives and seeking to MEET NEEDS through the giving of their time, money, words and acts of service.

Young people COMFORTABLE and CONFIDENT in who they are, avoiding comparison and competition, living to please God instead of their peers.

Young people CHARACTERISED BY LOVE, who are known for their unconditional acceptance of people and their genuine care for others.

Young people RELENTLESSLY ENCOURAGING one another, speaking life into situations, who are determined to see the best in every person, and champion it.

Young people EXCITED to live out every day of their God given life, OVERJOYED at the possibilities and potential that each day holds.

Young people PASSIONATE about our incredible God, serving him and making his name famous.

Young people that RESPECT one another, placing great value on everyone around them, the same value that Jesus placed on EVERY SINGLE PERSON displayed through His incredible sacrifice for us.

Young people CONTINUALLY GROWING, not complacent on where they're at, fully convinced that the tomorrow God has for them is better than the today they find themselves in.

Young people BURSTING TO SHARE what God has done in their life, convinced that their journey is living proof that God has a purpose and destiny for everyone who would seek Him.

Young people SEEKING GOD for what He would say to them about their life, intent on PURSUING and CONNECTING with Him daily.

Young people with PROFOUND AVAILABILITY for their peers, always ready to invest quality time into those around them looking for answers.

Young people who DARE TO DREAM, looking past circumstance and ENVISIONING the future that awaits when Gods SUPERNATURAL POWER becomes a key ingredient in all they do.